If you’re new (or fairly new) to the world of FileMaker™, welcome. You’ve begun, what could be, an extraordinary journey. Mine began in 1987 and I’m still as fascinated as I was when I first found this amazing piece of software. I’m still also learning and I don’t think that will ever stop which is why I’m still doing the same work after 33 years.

There is a, somewhat, big learning curve and there will be times when that curve will frustrate you and make you want to give up but don’t; FileMaker™ is an incredible tool and once you master it (or, at least, get to a point of competence), it will inspire you on a daily basis.

Part of the learning curve though is forgetting the way you used to do things, and this is especially true if you come from the spreadsheet world where you work in a two-dimensional workspace and data normalization doesn’t exist. FileMaker™ allows you to work in multiple dimensions in that everything you do is connected to everything else and you can get to everything from anywhere.

This site has many videos that will help you master FileMaker™. In addtion, my ebooks (on the iTunes store) have lots of chapters on techniques and shortcuts that will really accelerate your learning curve. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.