Over the past 33 years, I’ve seen business owners and managers do some very strange things and make even stranger decisions.  A lot of it is that many of them aren’t all that computer savvy so they tend to listen to the loudest voice around them on the subject of technology.  Because some of these situations and decisions are extremely funny, I’ve created a number of short and, hopefully, humorous videos that I hope you will get a laugh or two out of, but also, perhaps, recognize situations and scenarios that you’ve come across.  (Every one of them is based on actual events and I’ve just put my particular brand of, English, humor in them.  If any of them cause offense (and you know me, then maybe the film is about you or maybe not); if you don’t know me, then you’re taking them the wrong way because I’m not pointing fingers at specific people or departments, unless, as I said, you do know me).