Excel vs. FileMaker

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Tens of thousands of businesses around the world use Excel to run their business. In this course, we demonstrate, unequivocally, how using spreadsheets is a recipe for disaster as well as taking many times longer than using a database prpgram like FileMaker.

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Spreadsheet vs. Database - Converting a quote an on order

See a side by side comparison of how you convert a quote to an order using a spreadsheet system vs a FileMaker database

Spreadsheet vs Database - Building a quote/order

A comparison showing the process of building a quote (or an order) using a spreadsheet and then using Filemaker

Spreasheet vs. Database - Comparing Orders

Using a spreadsheet to invoice your customers? Want to know how much each customer has spent with you? Watch this side by side comparison using a spreadsheet system and FileMaker and draw your own conclusions.

Spreadsheet vs. Database - Product Performanxe

Using a spreadsheet to track your products? Want to know how many items you've sold or what the sales value is? Watch this side by side comparison between Excel and FileMaker and draw your own conclusions.

Spreadsheet vs. Database - Managing Products

Managing over 4,500 products is tricky, or is it. See how it is done using both an Excel spreadsheet and a FileMaker database and draw your own conclusions

Spreadsheet vs. Database - Parsing Data

Parsing means to split information from one field into multiple. This process is easily done in FileMaker

Spreadsheet vs. Database - Calculations

See the difference between inserting a calculation into a set of records

Spreadsheet vs. Database - Checxking Availability

How would you find what properties are available to rent for a specific period? See how incredibly difficult it is to do within Excel and how easy it is to do with a FileMaker database