A 25 Year Journey in search of the Perfect User Interface

A short introduction to my first ebook on FileMaker™. Showcasing some of the best interface designers in the FileMaker community, this book is full of hints, tips and tricks and is a very easy read.

Excerpted from the Foreword by Cris Ippolite

A growing number of books, articles and seminars have educated developers about the importance of the user experience. But in this book, Michael Rocharde brings an honest approach to how he discovered that users drive the needs of a FileMaker database and therefore define the success of a FileMaker project. He taps into over two decades of his own lessons to show that matching your FileMaker “tools” to the needs of a system can produce a true solution to a business problem that users will find effortless to engage. All while still having fun with FileMaker.

I applaud Michael for not only sharing his career observations in such an honest way in this book but also for embracing this emerging medium.

Cris Ippolite, 29 April, 2012

Interface Project from 2011

Sample Pages from Book